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RE: multitemporal images Operator
hi ,

I want to implement a multitemporal images operator (use stack of images). In fact, i can't locate the right example in the source code of Nest or a tutorial that can make me understand the right way to implement my operators .

can anyone help me ?

RE: multitemporal images Operator
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4/17/12 1:18 PM as a reply to dahmani omar sana.
Have a look at the multi-temporal speckle filter in the sar tools package. It uses a computeTileStack to process tiles across all bands in a stack. This can be useful when you are computing something and then applying it to all bands and you would like to do that computation only once across the stack. You need to manage your memory usage however. If you have a large stack you could end up using a lot of memory.
RE: multitemporal images Operator
4/17/12 4:36 PM as a reply to Luis Veci.
Oh, thank you for your help emoticon
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